Phase 2: Welcome Back!

Dear GBSG Member,

Thank you for sticking it out with us during the Circuit Breaker and Phase 1 period of the COVID19 pandemic here in Singapore. We’re so excited to be able to see all of you back on the mats starting this Friday, 19 June 2020. From the bottom of our hearts, we have really missed rolling with all of you over the past few months.

As you may already know, gyms and sports facilities are allowed to open again in Phase 2, but with Social Distancing Measures in place. We’d like to give you a heads up on what to expect when you return to the mats tomorrow (19 June 2020):

1. Smaller Groups & New Class Formats
We’re capping all sessions at 4-5 members per class (depending on the class). New classes have been added to the schedule, including Toddler BJJ for Kids below 3.5 years, and other Family classes as well. To view the descriptions of all our classes during this period, please our Phase 2 Classes.

Classes will be running on both MAT 1 & MAT 2 throughout the day at staggered timings with breaks in between to allow ample time for our team to disinfect the mats and clean the showers and toilets, and also to ensure that the shower areas will not be crowded after each class.

The Gym (workout) area will also be available for use to 3 members at a time at allocated time slots to allow our team time to clean and disinfect the area. Do stay within the marked areas when working out with others.

You can book Class and Gym Slots simply by signing up with an account via the link below. After creating an account, you can sign up for eligible classes. The GBSG team will then approve your selection if you are eligible for the class.

Create an account and start booking here: Book Now (Members Only)

As slots are very limited, please be considerate to other members and only sign up for 1 class and/or 1 Gym Slot per day. If you are unable to make it for a class, do cancel your slot so someone else can train too. You will have up to 12 hours before the class starts to cancel your slot.

If you are unable to sign up for classes or are unsure of which classes you should be joining, do drop us a message at

2. Good Hygiene & Other Safe Practices
As the battle against COVID19 isn’t over, we would like to ask all of our members to keep up with good hygiene practices such as washing your hands before and after class (or even showering if you have the time!). Hand sanitizers and wipes will be made available throughout our facility, and to wear a face mask when you’re not training. Please only wear a clean uniform to training and keep your finger & toe nails short (these are practices that should also be observed when COVID19 is gone – for the sake of all our wonderful training partners!).

There will also be limited seating in the lounge area (a maximum of 3 pax at the sofas and a maximum of 2 pax at the dining table), so we’d like to discourage members from bringing guests at this time unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3. Contact Tracing & Temperature Screening
By now most of us would be familiar with the words contact-tracing and temperature-screening which will be done at our facility as well. Upon entering and leaving GBSG, please make sure to check-in and out on your phone by scanning the QR-code at the front-desk.

A sign-in sheet and thermometer will also be available at the front desk for everyone (not just members), to take and record down their temperatures on their own. If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please do not show up for training. Please see a doctor.

4. Membership Credits
As mentioned before, all members will be credited the membership time that they’ve missed out on when our facility was closed due to COVID19. This means that you’ll get 83 days credited at the end of your membership. If you had less than 83 days of membership left prior to the suspension, you will be credited back the days that you had left on the membership instead of 83 days.

Our reopening amidst the COVID19 situation is all still a work-in-progress at the moment – so we’ll keep improving along the way! We appreciate your feedback on how we can make things better for you at GBSG and will do our best to make everything go smoothly as we try to navigate our way through these unprecedented times. We ask for our members to please be patient with us as we iron out all the kinks.

Most importantly, let’s look out for one another and strive keep our community safe and healthy. See you this soon!

Team Gracie Barra Singapore