Gallery: Capturing the Spirit of Gracie Barra Singapore


Gracie Barra Singapore is dedicated to delivering a high-quality training environment that meets the needs of our members. Our training and facilities are intended for athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced athletes and to foster your learning, growth, and sense of community.


Welcome to the exciting world of Gracie Barra Singapore! Explore our collection of vivid and exciting photographs that capture the essence of our prestigious academy's training and community. Witness the Gracie Barra experience's passion, discipline, and companionship. Here are some highlights from our collection of training programmes.

No-Gi Training

Kids BJJ Training

Yoga for BJJ

Gracie Barra Singapore's Yoga for BJJ programme uses yoga movements to complement BJJ training, to strengthen your body and help with injury prevention.


Take a journey through the Gracie Barra community's camaraderie, enthusiasm, and solidarity. Join us to explore the various activities and unforgettable moments recorded in these photos.


We’ve had some great seminars at Gracie Barra Singapore like the Draculino and the Thalison Soares seminars. Whose seminar would you like to attend next?


Come roll with us at Gracie Barra Singapore during our open mats! Meet new people, and exchange tips and tricks on your favourite martial art.