GBSG Halloween 2019: Best Dressed

Thank you to everyone who came on down to celebrate Halloween with us at GBSG! We hope you enjoyed the yummy spread and had as much fun as we did!

As usual, Team GBSG had a difficult time deciding on who our best dressed members are because everyone looked great! However, the results are out and here they are:

Best Dressed: Alison & Elaine (Divers riding Sharks)
Prize: 1 500ml Tub of Selva Acai & 1 Gracie Barra Keychain each

Most Creative: Ollie (7Eleven Guy who turned into a Zombie)
Prize: 1 Gracie Barra Kids Classic T-Shirt

Winners can pick up your prizes from the GBSG front desk from 1 November to 8 November 2019.