BJJ in MMA – Win 2 Tickets to UFC Fight Night 132 in SG!

Ever since Royce Gracie’s dominating reign in the early days of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), it caused many to rethink the effectiveness of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) in MMA. Gone were the days where Boxers were seen as the toughest fighters in the world. For the new wave of MMA fighters, learning how to grapple is an essential part to their success in the cage.

What BJJ brings into MMA is the finishing ability of its practitioners. BJJ practitioners learn to stay calm in when stuck in an uncomfortable situation when a fight goes to the ground. From the ground, BJJ allows you to continue fighting even at a disadvantageous position, and being patient may open up an opportunity for an escape or a submission and the ability to finish.

Gracie Barra In MMA

The Gracie Barra name is also well-represented at the UFC with multiple well-established fighters and former champions such as TJ Dillashaw (Former UFC Bantamweight Champion), Georges St. Pierre (Former UFC Welterweight Champion), Holly Holm (Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion), and many more.


Since MMA is practised without the gi, why do MMA fighters still train in the Gi you may ask? If you can escape a position when wearing a gi, you can escape almost anything when in No Gi. The added weight and friction of the cloth makes it harder to escape when stuck in a difficult position.

With a gi on, your opponent can use their gi or yours to their advantage and keep you from recovering into a better position. This helps develop your escapes for No Gi, since you’re so used to someone gripping on to your gi with force, slipping out to escape in No Gi should not be a problem.

Furthermore, training in the Gi forces athletes into learning positions versus relying on speed. Speed is still an important factor, but when you take into account of the grips, it becomes less so after the grips are made, hence forcing a strong focus on positioning. Learning to get into and maintaining good positions will increase grappling efficiency, energy use, and make attacks and defense more effective.

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Gracie Barra Singapore X UFC

Gracie Barra Singapore X UFC