Abu Dhabi World Pro 2019

Last week, over the Easter break, Gracie Barra Singapore sent a small team to Abu Dhabi to compete at the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship. Once again, our athletes did not disappoint!

GBSG World Pro Medalists Audrey, Joli and Sanjey.

9-Year-Old Joli was the first to compete on the 21st of April at the Youth competition, and even though she had a few tough matches, she kept her cool the whole time and brought home a Bronze medal! We are so proud of her!

On the following Tuesday, adults Sanjey and Audrey, as well as Professor Bruno, competed in the Masters Division. Professor Bruno was first up, but it was a challenging road for him with 4 matches to beat in the country qualifiers before getting to the main bracket (where he would have to win another 4 rounds to the top!). He managed to beat his first 2 opponents in the country qualifiers but lost in his third round in a very close match of 0-0, referee’s decision. Despite not getting a medal, we are very proud of Professor Bruno for showing a high-level of technical BJJ in all his fights.

Professor Bruno Amorim at the Country Qualifiers.

Next up was Audrey, who earned the Gold medal at the Purple Belt Master 1 70kg division,. After beating two tough opponents from the UK and the UAE, Audrey became the first female adult Singaporean athlete to win a Jiu Jitsu World Championship. And last but not least, Sanjey who came in 2nd in the 77kg Master 2 Blue Belt division after four very competitive matches against opponents from Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, El Salvador and Russia.  Both athletes did very well, and put Singapore on the map for having quality BJJ!

Many thanks to all our training partners at GBSG, family members and friends for their support and encouragement (both at home and in Abu Dhabi!), and to Professor Bruno for cornering us and making sure the GBSG athletes stay on weight!