WHAPOW your hunger!

Whapow Greenegizer at Gracie Barra Singapore

Need a quick snack in between work/school and BJJ? Great news! Gracie Barra Singapore now stocks Whapow Greenergizers, a yummy popsicle treat that will help boost your energy and concentration levels for better focus and power in your Jitz training sessions! Whapow is made from natural ingredients such as spirulina, fruit (like mango, passionfruit, banana etc), spinach (don’t worry, you can’t even taste it!), and virgin coconut oil.

Why we love it?

First of all, if you’re a vegan or have dietary restrictions because of some allergies, Whapow is totes vegan-friendly and 100% natural. It’s also dairy-free and gluten-free, with no added sugar. We also love that it comes in two flavours – Passionfruit Mango and Banana Cacao.

Pick up a Whapow Greenegizer before Jiu-Jitsu class in the morning for a brekkie-to-go, or after class, just coz you deserve it and should treat’yoself! Available at Gracie Barra Singapore, 42B Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059681 for $5 each.