Upcoming BJJ Tournament: Copa De Bangkok 2018

If you haven’t checked the notice board at GBSG, you might have missed the posting of the upcoming BJJ tournament that the team will be taking part in – Copa De Bangkok 2018!

Here are the deets:

When? 6-7 October 2018 (Gi on the 6th, No-Gi on the 7th)

Where? Chantana Yingyong Indoor Stadium (Conveniently located right by the National Stadium Metro station)

Who? Adults and Kids (aged 7 – 17)

Weigh-In? Day of tournament.

Price range? $250 – $350 for flight and accommodation, starting from approx. $76

Sign up? (Check with Professor Alisson if you should join before you sign up!)

Copa De Bangkok 2018 BJJ Tournament

Tip #1: Stay close to the tournament venue! For cheap and decent accommodation, we recommend booking Lub D Hostel Siam (you can get dorm rooms with up to 4 pax here). For mid-range hotels, try Ibis Siam or Kritthai Residence. All our recommended hotels are less than a minute walk from each other.

Tip #2: Book your flights early to avoid price hikes, and if possible, try not to arrive too late in Bangkok even though the flight is only 2.5 hours as you’ll need a good night’s rest!

Tip #3: Wear your Gracie Barra Gi to rev up that team spirit!

Tip #4: Since the weigh-in is on the day of the tournament, try to go easy with your weight-cut and not overdo it! If you’re unsure about which weight class you should be competing at, check with Professor Alisson.

Wear your Gracie Barra gi to rev up that team spirit!