Finding the Right Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School for You

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a very rewarding martial art. It builds you into a stronger, and more resilient person. However, it can be an unfortunate situation if someone were to try BJJ in a substandard school and thereby decide it is not for them. So, if you’re serious about learning BJJ, you should think about selecting the best school for you.

Choosing a good BJJ school might be challenging nowadays due to the abundance of options available across the island. Each one of them asserts that they are the only expert in the area. To determine whether one might be a suitable fit for you, it is crucial to investigate them closely. The most crucial elements to take into account when choosing a BJJ school are listed below.

Major Factors To Consider When Selecting the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School for you

  • Proximity to your home or place of work

When making a decision, the distance between the BJJ school and your house or place of employment is crucial. It must be simple for you to get to your lessons. Routine maintenance can be challenging if you visit a gym that is far from your place of employment or residence. It’s possible that getting caught in traffic will cause you to miss your class. So choose a school that is convenient for you to get to or that is close to your house or place of employment.

  • Your schedule versus the school’s available schedule

The time of lessons in relation to your work and other activities is another factor that could become problematic later if overlooked at first. Always look for a school with a class schedule that best fits your schedule. Schedule conflicts may cause you to miss classes, which can reduce your learning opportunities. 

  • Your goals versus the school’s focus

It’s crucial to decide what your objectives are for learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Finding the best BJJ school with instructors and a curriculum of lessons that support your aims can be aided by personal research and goal-setting. You’ll discover that while some clubs and dojos emphasize competition, others focus on teaching self-defense.

  • Instructor’s Rank

Consider the rank of the instructor who will be teaching you while selecting a BJJ school. Always choose an instructor with a higher belt rank since he can advance you to higher ranks. You can only be promoted to the black belt by an instructor with at least a two-degree black belt. It is essential to think about joining a school that has teachers with a black belt or above.

  • Repute Of School/Instructor

Another crucial element is the school’s and the teacher’s reputation. A person or organization can be held more liable for their behavior and/or malpractice the more well-known they are. Instead of relying on Google or Yelp reviews, consider asking the students or contacting the BJJ community on Reddit for the best reviews and advice.

  • School Association or Affiliation

Many Brazilian jiu-jitsu groups and federations, such as the IBJJF or the SJJIF, have BJJ schools as members. A school’s parent association is very significant. High-ranking BJJ groups and organizations provide you with many options to succeed in the sport, despite the fact that they have some special restrictions to adhere to. You will have the chance to train all over the world and learn from highly qualified instructors if your school is associated with a renowned jiu-jitsu organization. Gracie Barra Singapore, for example, has over 1000 sister schools all over the world that its members can train at for free whenever they visit other countries.

  • Student Belt Depth

The amount of pupils in each belt color rank is referred to as student belt depth. This element is equally crucial when choosing the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu school. A decent mix of blue and white belt students should be present along with some black, brown, and purple belts. Given that it takes time to teach trainers for brown and black belts, it indicates that the particular school is in good health and has been operating for some time.

  • Class Size, Class Type, Class Structure

When selecting a BJJ school, you should also consider the size, structure, and nature of the classes offered. You shouldn’t be in a class that is too big or too small. To have a range of training partners, it needs to have between 10 and 30 students. You should also be evaluating the class’s curriculum and organizational structure. You can learn more about how they conduct themselves during sessions by asking the appropriate instructor about these factors.

  • School Facilities

Another important factor that you shouldn’t overlook at all is the consideration of the school’s facilities. The best facilities should be available at your chosen school. The cleanliness and hygiene conditions of the mats, procedures for sanitizing the dojo to lower the danger of bacteria and other diseases, as well as the availability of showers and a dressing area, are all things you should inquire about from prospective schools. Also, try to find a school that has parking as well.

  • Your budget

One of the most significant factors to take into consideration is your budget. In addition to the monthly or yearly BJJ prices, there are other expenses such as clothing such as Gi and No-Gi gear, competition fees, etc.

Best BJJ school In Singapore

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