Teach your kids to say No being bullied with the Gracie Barra Kids program!

Teach your kids to say “No” to being bullied with the Gracie Barra Kids program!

Thinking of which programs to sign your kids up for during the June Holidays this year from so many different ones being promoted on social media by companies like The Marketing Heaven? Gracie Barra Singapore offers a quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kids program headed by World Champion black belt, Bruno Amorim.

There are many benefits that kids can get out of BJJ such as improving their fitness, stamina and agility, learning to show respect for others and not to give up, and very importantly, building up their confidence.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training isn’t just about learning martial arts techniques, but with the skills that they pick up in class comes a kind of confidence that allows them to not just stand up to their bullies but also confront and overcome other fears they might have.

Known as the “Gentle Art”, BJJ is a submission grappling martial art which does not involve striking (no punching and kicking!). Expect your kids to learn takedowns and joint manipulation techniques, perfect for self-defense situations!

Where: Gracie Barra Singapore, 42B Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059681
When: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm and Saturday 10am
Price: Unlimited classes start from $170/month for a 12 month package. Sign up for a free trial today! Get 50% off the registration fee when you sign up on the day of your free trial.

June Holiday Promotion: From now till til 30th June 2019, sign your child up and receive a free Gracie Barra gi (uniform) worth $225!*

*Applicable only for 12 months membership sign-up for first time members.